All businesses depend on their network to perform at its peak. Have you ever wanted to send an important email only to find that the email server was down? How often have you tried to access some important client information, but the database or file was inaccessible? There are hundreds of possible points of failure in each network and over our careers many of us have experienced our share of them.

In todayís competitive environment, no business can afford to fall behind due to downtime. Ellegent Systems can minimize downtime, and even prevent downtime. Since 1995, Ellegent Systems has developed an unmatched level of expertise in serving the unique needs of small and medium sized businesses through professional IT Support Services and support programs. Ellegent Systems continues to advance the IT services offered to small and medium sized businesses with the release of their SystemPulse service.

Ellegent Systemsí SystemPulse Support program can address any businessís IT needs by:
  • Monitoring the critical health status of network devices and applications, such as email and internet connection

  • Login remotely to diagnose network problems

  • Working quickly to resolve network and systems issues, sometimes before our customers even know there is a problem, so that they can get back to business as quickly as possible
Ellegent Systemsí SystemPulse program will reduce downtime by dramatically shortening the time from failure to issue resolution. Ellegent will monitor the availability of all critical services, and at the first sign of trouble, immediately inform you of the issue. Many of Ellegentís customers pre-arrange for Ellegent technicians to automatically begin the remediation process on critical devices Ė sometimes, without ever knowing there was a failure!

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